I Am Sorry My Tears

I Am Sorry My Tears
Coz I Have Trapped You ,
Whenever You Wanted To Flow
I Have Always Stopped You

I Know Inside For You
It Is Very Suffocating ,
But Even If You Flow
Nothing You Will Be Getting

You Will Flow
And Get Vanished Somewhere ,
And Till That Time
People Will Show That They Do Care

So Better Dont Expect
Anybodys Sympathy ,
You Are True
You Dont Deserve False Pity

I Know You Wanna Come Out
To Make Me Feel Relieved ,
What You Think
Will This Make My Wounds Get Healed

Rather Than You
Its More Painful For Me
My Dreams Getting Shattered
Is What Everyday I See

Still I Smile
And Pretend To Be Carefree ,
But Whats Behind
Nobody Ever Tried To See

Like A Poison Inside Me
Still I Wanna You To Hold ,
Desperately I Wanna Breath
But My Breaths Have Turned Frozen And Cold

Through My Body
Like Blood You Run ,
Now You Are My Night
And The Only Sun

So Dont Feel Hurted
And Never Do Leave My Eyes ,
A Bond Of Love
Ours Relation Is