They asked me if I.....

They asked me if I kissed you.
I told them yes.
They asked if I regretted it.
I told them no.
They asked me if I regretted falling for you.
I told them no.
They asked me how I could have ever liked you.
I replied:
I don't regret any of my feelings
or things I did with him,
because when I look at him I see something
different than what everyone else can see.
When I'm with him,
I feel a feeling that no one or
being anywhere else can give me.
When I kissed him,
my world around me melted.
When he held me in his arms
and rested his head on mine,
I forgot everything but my world
that was holding me.
Even though all of you may see
something in him that is so horrible,
all I see is all the positive,
and special moments that
he ever shared with me...
The only thing that I regret
is listening to everyone else,
because if I had listened to my heart,
I would still have him by my side.
He would still be just a phone call away.
But now, he's just a phone call away
for someone else...

One day your going to look back and say,
dang that girl really did love me...